In some countries, every young person is required to commit two years of their lives to serving military service. I am strongly opposed to this potential requirement because it places young people in unnecessary harm; chooses people to serve due to their age, rather than skill; in several cases promotes violence; and it deprives young people of their essential youth.

Assigning every young person with a mandatory two years of military service will, without doubt, bring harm. Every day, men and women serving our country defend us; but, this is their personal decision, not a forceful fate demanded by our government. These decisions are up to their judgement, deciding a potentially harmful fate for the population that will eventually lead our nation. Young people should not be forced into dangerous situations, especially ones that lead to potential permanent damage to themselves, their families, and the ones close to them.

All people have skills which they both enjoy, and succeed at. In order to succeed in military service, one must be willing to dedicate themselves fully to such career. Those who aren’t substantially skilled, or do not enjoy participating should in no form, be forced in to spending two extensive years serving. Those who aren’t skilled enough to partake in these services, should by zero means, be forced to so so. Also, much training is required in order for one to succeed, those inept in the extensive training, should apply their time practicing in a field at which they are skillful and have a higher probability in succeeding.Forcing young people to serve two years of their vital time promotes alarming violence. Young people are just that –young– , and still not finished developing. The violence exposed to those participating in military missions, such as wars, promote violence harmful for the young mind. These policies restricting the decision of the country’s youth deciding the outcome of their own future also raise children to expect violent futures in these services.

Depriving young people of two years also expels two years of perusing potential careers, furthering one’s education, discovering one’s self, and participation in various leisurely activities as one does as a young adult, usually directly after high school. Forcing these young people to leave their youths behind for violence. Also, children will grow up expecting to one day serve, placing them in a position where they expect to grow faster, once again, depriving children and young adults of their youth.

Military service is a serious  manner that should only be taken on by those who decide to do good for their country, not forced by generalized laws. Harm will be brought to the young, skill should be a requirement, violence will be promoted, and children and young adults will be deprived of their youth. Those who wish to serve are courageous, however, sending a young person to perform for government decisions is not wise and should not be a requirement in any nation.

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